Gunagrad is the Guild of Namibian Graphic Designers

A guild is an organisation of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Gunagrad is provides a platform where Namibian Graphic Designers can voice their options on any matter whether positive or negative with the aim to liberate oneself or other designers.

 Gunagrad was formed as a response to the unfair situation which Namibian Graphic Designers experience,  the low prices which consumers often associate with the designers products and the deteriorating Namibian Graphic Design Industry.

Gunagrad aims to build, maintain and support the Namibian Graphic Design Industry. The term “Graphic Designer” constitute for graphic designer, layout artists, signage writer, print shops, animators, illustrators, artists and advertisers including both traditional and digital media.

Gunagrad emphasis on the holistic improvement of the operations of Namibian Graphic Designer.


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