2 Things to do before approaching a designer

This week, I was approached by two clients who needed my design services. The first thing I asked them of both was whether they had a budget for it. The first one had no idea, the second provided a budget which was way out of my price range. That is what prompted me to write this article. As a client before approaching a designer, you need to get this two things in order. It will ensure not only ensure that you get a designer, but the best designer to work on your project, and thus get the best possible solution worth your money and time.

  1. Find out about your project.

There is nothing worse as going to a designer without knowing what your project entails. Do some research before hand. Find out what is expected of a designer to give you your final product. Find out what is expected of you. Will you need to provide documents, sketch or  ideas. The more prepared you are the more credibility you get as a reliable client. Nowadays it is not only clients who are afraid of fraudulent designers, designers are also afraid of difficult clients who disappear. Knowing why they charge it will give you an idea of what they will charge. Thus moving to our next point.

2. Set a budget 

After finding out what your project cost. See if you have a budget for it. This will give you an estimate of how much the designer will charge you and this will also show you whether is the project worth it. Some time you think you need a website, but will it give you your money back in return.

2.1 Setting a budget also allows you to see how much you will be left with after paying the designer, rather than just going there and expecting the designer to provide his price for the job, you could actually save yourself a few bucks. You might end up paying more than what you should have, but you will not see it because you did not do your research and you did not set a budget.

2.2 It will provide an indication of what you are able to afford.
If you know what you have you will know what to say yes and what to say no to. There is nothing worse than starting a project and not being able to finish it because of financial constraints. Some designers are will to hear your side of the story. They have also been some point or another in the starting phase. However, do not try to rip them off. They will find out and you will lose benefits of having “doctor designer*”.

2.3 It opens opportunities for alternative payment solutions.
Some designers, like me, are willing to provide a client a six month payment option. However, if you do not know what is your budget you might end up not agree it, because you think you are being over charged.

2.4. It will put in a great position to negotiate.
Believe it or not, when you understand what your project entails and what is your budget; you will be able to negotiate the price with the designer. In fact, designers like when clients have a good idea of how much their projects will cost. It shows commitment on your part, and usually committed clients are those that usually pay the bill.



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